TezOrus is first a wallet, easy-to-use supporting Tezos tokens, but also a team of passionates, Blockchain and particularly Tezos believers.


We are a team of Tezos believers. We did several projects around tokens, and based on our expertise, we built a simple and easy wallet for their support.


As for now TezOrus is in its first iteration. We hope for your support to bring even more features and build a strong community.

Desktop wallet TezOrus offers a various set of services and features.

FA listing

Check available FA tokens running on Tezos chain.

FA operations

Access FA tokens features e.g. transfer, sale, burn...

Participate in BETA

TezOrus is about to start its testing beta phase, and we are looking for testers and community members to improve and promote the application
If you are interested, we also are ;)
Send us a mail at contact@tezorus.com and let's get in touch!

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