Discover tezOrus

A web responsive wallet for your Tezos assets

Simple and easy to use. Access the Beta version and start using today.

FA Token support

tezOrus supports all your FA tokens. You can add your own tokens and freely transfer them from your wallet.

Simple & easy

A simple interface for an efficient view and access to your assets. Manage in a few clicks several wallets and all your Tezos assets.


tezOrus does not save your private keys, but makes it easy to plug and interact with your wallet whether it is a keystore file or your ledger key.

Key Features

Private dashboard

Create your account and save your public addresses to quickly view your assets in a dashboard. Tezorus can save  your favorite and personal public addresses once you create your account. So that your custom dashboard is one sign in away.

Smart contract interaction

Interact with any Tezos smart contract simply by filling in the contract hash. Tezorus supports any kind of contract. Set your contract hash and start interacting with all its features.

More coming soon…
Connect your favourite exchanges’ accounts like Binance or Kraken


We are a team of passionates building the best apps on Tezos.
We believe in blockchain eco-systems to bring more virtuous applications and possibilities.
If you are interested to know our future work or if you want to simply meet us, you can reach back to us on or on Telegram.
We are also experts in smart contract development and audit for Tezos, Ethereum and NEO ecosystems.